On a long ride home from a Josh Groban concert, feeling unsure of the year ahead, I pulled over and took a photo of some train tracks in the sunset. In taking this photo, life became better for a few seconds. I remembered in that second how powerful being creative and artistic was. I wanted others to be able to be swallowed up in the same joy.

This is essentially when I decided to start supporting Josh Groban founded ‘Find Your Light Foundation.’

Millions of school children are being denied an arts education, and we at Share Your Light are not okay with that.

We believe, by sharing stories, we can bring awareness to the need for arts education.
We believe in the “big picture” of arts education and creativity. We feel they play vital roles in bringing children and youth from diverse backgrounds together, and can assist in bringing hope, purpose, and value to the rising generation.

If you have a story you think we would like to hear, please email your interest to: syl.stories@gmail.com